USATF Level 2 Coach  

Scott "Coach Scott" Murphy
 (2009 - Present)

"Coach Scott" has been coaching since 1978, began working with high school athletes in 1998, and has been coaching at the club level since 2000. Many of his athletes continue to compete. All of them learned to set goals and attain them. Hopefully, they all enjoyed the process and continue to have fun with sport!
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"Rule number one should ALWAYS be 'have fun'!"

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USATF Level 1 Coach Coach Artie Davis  

Katie Murphy
 (2011 - Present)

Coach Murphy participated in Track and Field, and Cross Country, through high school - and still competes at the club level. She is always learning about her sport, and working to follow emerging developments in training.

"My goal is to make every athlete better: physically, mentally, and emotionally."

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